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At Blady Workforce Law Group, we focus on providing the highest-quality legal representation with over 25 years of experience in advice and counsel, litigation and advocacy.

Our Los Angeles employment attorneys specialize in labor law, wrongful termination, disability discrimination, maternity leave cases, whistleblower and sexual harassment cases. To consult with our Los Angeles employment lawyers, please contact Blady Workforce’s LOS ANGELES office at (323) 933-1352.  (more…)

Employment Law Areas of Focus

Our Los Angeles Labor and Employment Lawyers have decades of expertise which includes wrongful termination from employment and unlawful discharge from work. We have successfully litigated claims in the following areas:

Los Angeles Employment Law: Wage and hour claims

Wage & Hour Claims

Learn about various Los Angeles Employment Law and Los Angeles Labor Law issues, such as Wage and Hour ClaimsMisclassification as Salary Exempt from Overtime, Unpaid Bonuses, Benefits, Vacation Pay and more. (more…)

workplace sexual harassment

Workplace Sexual Harassment

Sexual and other types of employee harassment in the workplace are serious for both employers and employees. Blady Workforce Law Group is experienced in litigating employment harassment claims, including workplace sexual harassment. The most typical types of employee harassment claims are for sexual harassment and harassment based on gender. (more…)

Los Angeles workplace discrimination

Workplace Discrimination

Workplace discrimination occurs when an employer treats their employee differently because of his/her legally protected status. Discrimination at work usually involves a negative employment action, for example, a demotion, reduction or loss of compensation, or termination. (more…)

Employment Law Blog

If you are, or have recently been harassed at work, discriminated against or wrongfully terminated, you may have questions about your situation. We invite you to check out our blog posts and contact us for a complimentary consultation at (323) 933-1352…

California law- getting paid by employers for time worked

California law: Is it lawful for employers to not pay for small amounts of time worked?

Is it lawful under California law for my employer to not pay for minimal (or de minimis) amounts of unrecorded time repeatedly or regularly worked?

On July 26, 2018, in Troester v. Starbucks Corporation, the California Supreme Court answered this question in the context of an employee regularly required to work after he clocked out.  A Starbucks coffee shop employee brought a putative class action in California against his employer Starbucks, alleging unpaid wages in violation of the California Labor Code and Wage Orders. (more…)

California Law employment law disputes

California Law: Arbitration of Employment Law Disputes

Question: “Is the Arbitration Agreement I was required to sign with my employer enforceable?”

Answer: “Not always.”

The California Court of Appeals recently held that an agreement was not enforceable where one of two different language versions of the agreement prohibited arbitration of representative claims for penalties under the California Private Attorney General Act.  (more…)